instruction in‧struc‧tion [ɪnˈstrʌkʆn] noun [countable]
1. a statement telling someone what they must do:

• He claimed that brokers had failed to carry out his instructions to sell the stocks.

ˈshipping inˌstructions COMMERCE TRANSPORT
[plural] a document sent by an exporter giving details of how goods are to be shipped and delivered:

• Several major customers now send shipping instructions electronically.

2. COMPUTING a command given to a computer to carry out a particular operation:

• The chip has a peak speed of 400 million instructions a second.

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instruction UK US /ɪnˈstrʌkʃən/ noun
instructions — Cf. instructions
[C, usually plural] something that someone tells you to do: »

It was a confusing instruction, and I wasn't sure what he wanted me to do.

give sb instructions on sth »

My boss gave me instructions on what to say to the press.

give sb instructions to do sth »

She gave me instructions not to contact the customer directly.


to issue/receive instructions


clear/firm/strict instructions

act on/carry out/follow (sb's) instructions »

The shares allow him to force the board to carry out his instructions.

disregard/ignore (sb's) instructions »

I ignored the instructions I had been given and went ahead with the deal anyway.

[C] IT a piece of information that tells a computer how to do something: »

Simple computer processors execute instructions one after the other.

[U] the act of teaching something: instruction in/on sth »

You will receive instruction on how to operate the system.

an instruction manual/book — Cf. an instruction manual/book
be under instructions — Cf. be under instructions
on the instruction(s) of sb — Cf. on the instructions of sb
under instruction — Cf. under instruction

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